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Rubb Industries AS is proud to introduce RentHall – a diverse and flexible portfolio of fabric and steel structures to help public sector organisations and commercial businesses meet their objectives and goals.

RentHall buildings can provide clients with affordable monthly costs to suit their budget, allowing customers to concentrate on their core business. There are opportunities to rent multiple sizes and configurations of building types, with flexible rental periods.

RentHall solutions can also offer our clients a range of products along with the structures to suit their specific requirements. This could vary from simple fabric or steel-clad storage building solutions, to longer term insulated environmentally controlled buildings for multiple market sectors.

Standard (off-the-shelf) warehouses and buildings are also available to rent on a more temporary basis.

Do you have available space and land? Why use up valuable capital when you can find a rental solution tailored to meet your business needs? RentHall provides freedom and financial predictability and meets temporary needs.

Our RentHall concepts offer clients great freedom in terms of execution and changes to their new buildings, whether you choose to use a Rubb fabric structure or a Hallmaker steel building.

Celebrating a new brand identity and strategy moving forward, the RentHall business will concentrate on fabric buildings in current and new markets, enhancing value for existing clients, offering relocations if required, developing, improving and expanding the rental building fleet and adding new concepts including RentOneStop (racks, other accessories) and RentService (service and maintenance).

The business will initially focus on market sectors including offshore, industrial, logistics, ports, sports and defence.

RentHall CEO Terje Hals said:
“My main priority is to continue, develop and nurture strong relationships with our clients and also colleagues within the Hallmaker Group companies. We have such a strong portfolio already, but I aim to build and expand this, as well as develop some new concepts, including our RentOneStop and RentService.

I believe there is great potential for growth, nationally and internationally. Our structure fleet will soon also feature a wider range of additional supporting products and services.”

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