Rubb Industries AS is part of the Zurhaar & Rubb Group.


Plamek AS

Plamek AS is focussed on providing construction, maintenance and aftermarket solutions for a wide variety of market sectors.

A key part of Rubb Industries AS, Plamek (formerly Hallmaker Byggservice) is going back to its roots with a change of name.

In 1984, the third generation of the Torgersen family took over the long-established family business and created Plamek AS and HTS Hans Torgersen & Son AS. Plamek is short for Plast Mekanisk (Plastic Mechanic).

The Plamek division was dedicated to further developing the PVC hall business, which was first established within the Hallmaker Group in Kroderen in 1969.

Plamek went on to construct more than 800 Plamek branded buildings around Norway. Many projects included small industrial tents for storage purposes, up to 12 x 30sq m.
All welding and PVC manufacture took place in Kroderen, with a strong history of supporting the local economy.

After the Hallmaker Group merged with the Rubb Group, a leading fabric building specialist, Rubb took on the work of Plamek (providing fabric clad buildings) in Norway.

Hallmaker further established itself in the construction market with the creation of Hallmaker Byggservice, which has installed more than 2,500 buildings to date.

Now with more than 35 employees and 160 buildings constructed in 2017/2018, the business is reviving the Plamek name to represent the construction, maintenance and aftermarket solutions.

Lars Erik Hoff, CEO of Plamek said: “Plamek is a company that assembles, disassembles, moves and performs service on membrane and steel buildings. We have 30 skilled service people with more than 30 years’ experience. Our work is mainly carried out in Norway, but we also work around the world. Together with Hallmaker and Rubb, we offer our customers customised buildings with service agreements. Our customers find that owning or renting our buildings is simple so they can focus on their main operations and not the building.”

Meanwhile service agreements with Plamek AS reduces the risks of unforeseen costs and downtime of Hallmaker or Rubb buildings. With low and predictable maintenance costs end users can continue to ensure their company’s profitability. Plamek service agreements ensures that the quality and usefulness of the building is maintained, through regular and professional maintenance. This helps retain the value of the building.

The service agreement also ensures that the requirements of the Internal Control Regulations are safeguarded in a safe, economical and efficient manner. Plamek professionals act quickly to ensure an effective and professional remedy if something unforeseen should happen. A 48-hour warranty to correct damage caused by burglary, water leakage, fire, storm, hurricane, earthquake, ramp or other external stresses, is also available.